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50th wedding anniversary


50th Wedding Anniversary

A review that is this positive is quite intimidating for us to live up to, but the Islanders Luau crew truly strives to make each event the very best possible.  We know that our customers are throwing a party for very special reasons, and it is important for us to make it a success!

I cannot Thank you enough for the amazing evening you created by bringing the Islands to us for my parents’ 50th Anniversary!

Ohana is the best word I can think of to describe Maril and the Islander’s Luau! Words can hardly describe how Maril and his family far exceeded all of our expectations for my parents 50th Wedding Anniversary! My parents have visited the Islands of Hawaii for the last 50 years of their marriage as a place for vacation, rejuvenation, and for the love of each other and the Islands!
When I first spoke with Maril he stated that they would bring the Islands to us!! That is the very best explanation to describe all that Maril brought to our celebration! The experienced dancers, the delicious food, the authentic music, the engaging costumes, and the warm people of the Islands created the passion for the Islands! Everyone that had ever attended a luau in Hawaii, stated, commented, and expressed that the Islander’s Luau was the very best Luau that they had ever attended!!
I will say that Maril felt like family the moment I met him and I chose Islander’s Luau simply by looking on the internet and talking to Maril over the phone! He is a genuine, personable, warm, authentic, professional, courteous, talented, engaging, and an impressive Chief!!
I know that my Daughter and my Father both posted a review to Yelp. I was also able to post a review on Yelp but the site continues to say it is having a problem. This is what I posted to Yelp and please feel free to re-post if you can get the google site to work.
Thank you Maril and your family so sincerely for being a part of our family, ohana! Mahalo

Kindest and Warmest regards!
— Daleena HarkerReid