Maril, Thank you SO much! You and your crew were amazing. The food was delicious, fresh and plentiful. We can’t thank you enough for making our night so special. Everything far exceeded our expectations, and I left my highest review on both FB and Yelp!! I can’t tell you how many of our guests were raving about you, the food & your services. I really appreciated how responsive and timely you were to all my inquiries, messages & special requests, thank you! You put on an amazing show... Impressive fire dancing too, Maril!!
I look forward to using Islander’s again in the future. A very big Mahalo to you & all the employees who were there!
— Warmest Regards, Layla, Eric & Donna

The second 4 year old’s party was an over-the-top Lilo & Stitch birthday party! Not only did they hire us to cater, entertain, and decorate, but they also hired an event planner who set up several huge tents with false ceilings to look like you were in the ocean with huge fish swimming above you, and also lots of wall sized Lilo & Stitch posters, an artist who sketched caricatures of guests onto coconuts, and she brought in special guests, Lilo & Stitch. Check out the video below!