This was a tricky event to pull off, since the customer changed the venue to the end of Balboa Peninsula on the day before the luau.  Busy crowds, complicated directions, sand....but look at the review!

I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Islander’s Luau. I chose them to help celebrate my mother’s 70th birthday party. She told me, “That was the best birthday I ever had or could’ve ever asked for”. The floral arrangements, decorations, costumes, and performances were excellent. They were such an amazing company to work with on top of it all. I had only a few days before my event and was thrilled he was able to make it happen. Their performance and spirit lit up the whole place. I turned around during the performance and took a moment to see all the smiles on the faces of all those I love and turned forward to look at the beautiful smiles and movement of the dancers. It was truly an amazing feeling and a moment I will always remember. I have been to all the islands and have seen luaus at each one I have visited. All I have to say is the performers and quality that I experienced with Islanders Luau exceeded all my expectations and anything I had seen before when visiting. Thank you all. I feel confident in recommending this luau to any and all who may be considering a luau to make their guests and loved ones feel so special.
— Kaycee